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Mobile Invoice with Job Image capture, call out feature, manage over 5000 stock items available fully integrated to a powerful accounting system.

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Mobile invoice with Stripe payment integration is soon coming. Cosmic Mobile Invoice integrates with Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Cosmic Mobile Invoice has the ability to do the following:


  • Handle more than 10,000 stock items on the mobile device.
  • It can manage more than 3000 customers on mobile device.
  • Ability to capture Job site image using phone camera and instantly send the job site attached to the email.
  • Attach the job site images with the Invoice and send to the client instantly.

Cosmic Innovations is a branding arm for Cosmic Accounting Group to develop and market Add-on integrated applications for accounting systems like: Reckon Premier and Enterprise, MYOB, and Xero.

Cosmic Innovations has developed Add-On report tools for Contracting and Building Industries. Recently, they developed a Time Sheet Application which is very simple and easy to use. This application includes great features like Notes which you can add up new notes and save so you can recall the same notes. Link Notes to Items, the ability to add up to 400 words in the notes which will be posted directly to Reckon Accounts even without opening it. To know more about this project and how it could help your business, check it out on our Downloads and Videos.

Cosmic Innovations has been passionately involved in automating business’ accounting processing. We like to see all business manual and repetitive processing minimised.
Time and cost is always the problem for all types of businesses. Cosmic Innovations strives to get these processes automated. We do not charge annual subscriptions for any desktop applications and most of the support is free for a good length of time.

Mobile Invoice App enables you to take a photo of your Job Site with Job Image Number and Job Description and instantly send to your clients through attached email.

Mobile invoice app that you can send an invoice to your client instantly and the Most innovated mobile invoice (Android) Add-on for Reckon Accounts is now ready to release. It allows the following:


  • Invoice by Items managing more than 5000 stock items.
  • Invoice by Service Items.
  • Enter descriptions up to 400 words.
  • Get posted to Reckon Accounts from your mobile device. Waiting time of 30-minutes.
  • Send invoice to your clients using your mobile device.
  • Automatically converts and attach the invoice as PDF and ready for sending to your customers.
  • Create and edit invoice anytime, anywhere via mobile app.
  • Set your own Prefix Invoice to distinguish from Reckon entered invoice.
  • New items and customers created will sync into your app every 30-minutes.
  • Ability to choose Class and Job number options.
  • No loss if Reckon is out of action and not able to log in, you can do ALL invoices on the road and send it instantly.
  • Now, first of its kind Camera Feature that enables you to take a photo of your job site and instantly send to your clients and later attach same and new fixed image attached to the invoice.
  • Modern Invoice template designs according to your desired color theme.
  • Edit and customize the body of the email.
  • OFFLINE  MOBILE INVOICING (Testing will soon be available)
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