Mobile Invoice For Truckies


Mobile Invoice made easy for Truck drivers.

Get all your truck drivers from anywhere do all the invoices while on the road and send instantly to your clients.

Here are other things they can do without any hassle:


  • Take pictures of your site and attach it to the invoice.
  • All invoices get integrated with a most powerful and stable accounting system.
  • Ability to manage 5000+ stock items and over 2000 customers all in your mobile device.


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Mobile invoice for truckies, Mobile invoice with job image capture

Cosmic Mobile Invoice with Camera Feature for Reckon Accounts Hosted is here!

The 1st Mobile Invoice with Camera Feature for job sites for Reckon Accounts Hosted has now been released.

You can now create a new job for the damaged site and take a photo of the job site to be fixed and attach the picture to the email and send to the client immediately from your mobile device

Then, once the job is finished send the new picture or image of fixed site attached to the invoice via a mobile device.

Download the app from Google Store: Cosmic Invoice Solutions

For all those who are interested to know more about this application. Kindly, email us at  We will send you the login information for you to try. 

You may also CALL US: 02 95411338 or 0407068942

Retirement Industry Service Providers App

Retirement Village Industry App

The Retirement Village Industry is growing and growing faster then what anticipated.
The business of running this industry is well regulated by each State and Australian Federal Government.

The providers’ of Financial systems have to be audited and such the books need to be kept properly as there are funds issued by the Australian Government to these providers and alongside with the funds of the retirees like their pensions, and even their lifetime capital – their house.

The business now with all the technology available and with advance financial systems coming into the market, needs a good automated system to manage the business of Retirement and Aged Care business.

We, here at Cosmic Innovations, have recently developed an automated App to manage this industry.

Direct Debit Solution: For Retirement Village , Child Care, Gym or Business Requiring Subscription

or check it out directly here: Cosmic  Direct Debit Solution

To download the App please click the link above.

We would like to work together with industry to see if we can further enhance our software for the Retirement and Aged Care Industry Retirement Village Industry App


Mobile Invoice for Reckon Accounts Hosted Full Cloud Technology



The most innovated Mobile Invoice(Android) Add On for Reckon Accounts Hosted is now ready for testing! (We would love to hear your comments.)

Features to try:

  • To do th Invoice by Items.
  • To do Invoice by Service Items.
  • Enter descriptions up to 400 words.
  • Get posted to RAH from your mobile device.
  • Able to send Invoice to your clients from device.
  • Automatic attachment of Invoice as PDF and instantly send the invoice to your customer.
  • Ability to Edit invoice via mobile app.
  • Set your own Prefix Inv to distuingsh from RAH entered invoice.
  • New items and customers created will sync into the app every 15 minutes.
  • Ability to choose Job and Class number options.
  • Create invoice using your desktop, as well.
  • No loss if Hosted serveer is not available and you are unbale to login, you can still do ALL the invoices on the road and send to your clients instantly.
  • Change item price on mobile device.
  • Add new customer using your modebile device..



For free  Beta trial, you can send us an email and we will give you the login details.

If  you wish to know more, CALL: 0407068942


Construction Site Supervisor Struggles with Weekly Time Sheet

Are you one of the business persons experiencing this scenario?

You have 50 employees time sheet from one of your job sites and you are on the 3rd floor of a 5-storey building being constructed. The site is not an office, no air con, very noisy, dusty and hot.

The task of sending the time sheet of 50 employees still has to be done and very quickly, as the job has to be managed.

You pick up your phone and start calling or start sending SMS to the office or grab an iPad and send via an excel. Well, it gets the job done, but it’s not automated. You still have to get the information and enter into your Accounting System.

Most site supervisor keeps doing the same process every week.

As the site supervisor, you might be thinking there must be a better and smarter solution around. You love using your smartphone and you got a tablet too.

You know that businesses are getting smarter and there are lots of innovative apps that can fix his and the entire office’s struggle.

Of course, the smart way to find the right solution is search on Google. (Who doesn’t nowadays?)

Then why not try to seek help from Google and search for Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet which can show 50 employees automatically, drop down on your phone.

Plus, all employees have their own predefined templates and names coming from your particular job site.

Try to Google Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet and definitely, this will do what you want.

What happened to the supervisor? LOL. he did… and the rest is history.

Mobile Time Sheet for Construction Site

Do you have 30 or 50 employees at your on-going construction job site?

Do you have problems every week sending timesheet to your office by your over-stressed Job Supervisor?

Every week your Supervisor has to make phone calls to submit employees’ time sheets, and its damn hot and calling from underground level of the building site?

We can fix your problems now!

Our Mobile Time Sheet will handle it.

We will help you manage all those 30 to 50 employees. The supervisor will be able to see all the employees in a drop-down menu in any of his mobile devices.

All he has to do is to enter their timesheet against each name or accept their default hours.

Yes, if they have worked overtime or double time, the app will calculate it for you. It’s all automated.

We will give you a free trial for 30 days or more till you are satisfied.

Check out this link:

check the above link

Give us a call for further information; we will make sure we get your time sheet for employees resolved.

Phone # 02 95411338 or 0407068942  (Sun-Sat 8:30AM-8:00PM)


Project Manager/Supervisor – Manage your employees timesheet hours at construction site

You have 20 or 50 employees at the construction site, and you need to send their time sheet at the end of the week, but you need to make a call or use a spreadsheet and send the hour to the office.

Well,  we have made it simpler for you now:

Cosmic Mobile Timesheet has a drop-down with all your assigned employees to that job site on your any mobile device.

Mobile time sheet with a difference: predefined templates for your jobs linking your supervisor to his job, then linking any number of employees to that job.

setting default hours, automatic calculation of overtime hours.

On your mobile device enter by jobs, categories, class, and create notes and  save notes

AND RECALL NOTES  at any time.

Go to:




Work in Progress Report Tool for Reckon Account

Year-end has come in so quickly! if anyone is still struggling to get information on one quick display like:

  • Contract price.
  • Estimated price.
  • Job No and Job Description.
  • Variation Price.
  • Purchase Order amount.
  • PO unused amount.
  • Total materials to date and further drill down and actual supplier get reports.
  • Total labour to date drilling down to employee name OT, DT rates, etc..
  • GP in $$ and in %.
  • Last claim date or last invoice date.
  • Actual payments received on that job and drill down.
  • Balance to claim or balance to invoice.
  • Ability to enter your job costing rate using on cost method 9super, workers comp, payroll tax)without affecting your actual wages in PL.
  • Ability to filter active and completed jobs.
  • PRINT ALL REPORTS to Excel, PDF and automatically attached to email..

Check the NEW MOBILE TIME SHEET video, its fully Reckon Accounts Time sheet but with more advanced features on any mobile device.

Check our demo video at at Download Page
Fullscreen is highly-recommended for watching the Demo.

PH: 02 95411338 or 0407068942

Mobile Time Sheet for Builders and Contractors- get your 100 employees all in one display

Are you struggling to send time sheet from a job site for your construction job?

Do you have let’s say 50 or more employees at one job site and you like to send all their time sheet in one go and see them in one display in any mobile device?

Cosmic Mobile Time sheet will do all that and it integrates with Reckon Accounts or we can integrate with your choice of Accounting System.

Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet makes the Notes easy for you.

  • Enter multiple notes with up to 400 words and save and recall the same notes.
  • Enter multiple jobs in one day.
  • Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet can do ALL these and be able to see your previous time sheets in your mobile device.